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How to succeed in reorganising your business regarding COVID-19 ?

How to succeed in reorganising your business regarding COVID-19 ?

Reorganizing your company's activity in the face of containment is a real brain teaser. But what are really the good reflexes to adopt for a successful "Back-to-work" period? Don't panic, we'll explain everything to you! 

Your business facing the virus

Collectively, we will all have to learn to live in a different way for an indefinite period. With the virus, it is important for a company to regularly assess the risk. To effectively protect workers by prioritizing collective protection measures, whether technical or organizational, they aim to improve the protection of all employees from COVID-19.
Among these measures, teleworking should be adopted if possible in order to limit the number of employees joining your company at the same time.

Moreover, the Ministry of Labor recommends calculating, the maximum number of people who can be present at the same time while respecting a limit of 4 square meters per person.
You will probably not like it. But in general, more than the space per employee, these are all the rules of social distancing that have to be respected. Special attention must therefore be paid to the flow of people.

Some measures to consider

The goal is to limit bottlenecks, at the entrance or in elevators. We can define paths for users and, when possible, a different entrance and exit door.

We will manage busy periods, either by making appointment or regulating break periods and presence the workplace.
A marking on the ground may symbolize the minimum distance to be kept in queues, including to vending machine or at the cafeteria for common offices.
Avoid face to face and leave the doors open when possible to limit contact with the handles.

Finally, we need to focus on lunch break, where distances will have to be kept. So it is necessary to make up a planning. Indeed, it would not be very consistent to make all these efforts throughout the day to gather people during lunch.

What can we say about personal protective equipment, specifically masks?

Masks are a complement to collective protection measures.They are only mandatory if the 1m50 security distance can’t be held.

What to do in case of symptoms for an employee?

If an employee begins to cough or have a fever at the workplace, it is essential to have a pre-established protocol for the care of a symptomatic employee and his close contacts with your health service .

Facing all this upheavals, it is very important to communicate with its teams. Why ? Because employees must be trained in all of the new hygiene measures, specifically informed about the rule of staying home in case of fever, cough or other Cover-19 symptoms and to contact their doctor.

Communicating is also to reassure.Applying all these measures will take time to adapt and it may be necessary to adjust the rythm and the companies objectives according to this new situation.

How to communicate around these new rules?

You could, for example, organize a new welcome procedure for employees,  individually if possible. Everyone has experienced "lockdown" in a different way. Some will have experienced illness, isolation, or even, unfortunately, the death of a loved one. It is important to keep this diversity in mind and to be concerned about everyone's situation.

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