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Masks For Belgium, quality masks

Masks For Belgium, quality masks

Why Masks For Belgium?

Masks for Belgium is the initiative of a Belgian company which, in an exceptional context, has decided to mobilize all its available resources to provide masks to a country that did not have any for a competitive price.
As a result, for more than two months, it has supplied millions of masks to hospitals as well as nursing homes. Its objective is to make them quickly available for every citizen and companies. 


Masks For Belgium and the health care industry

To help the people and hospitals in need, Masks For Belgium has donated tens of thousands medical equipment -masks and clothing- all over Belgium. 
Masks for Belgium supports the National Fund for Scientific Research in order to support them in their research  against COVID-19.


Quality masks

Our 3-layer masks have a high particle filtration efficiency of at least 99% BFE.
Hypoallergenic, comfortable and easy to adapt to every face. 



We provide you with mini-guides in order to inform you as well as possible on the provisions to be set up and the sanitary measures to be applied.
  • Prepare your workplace for deconfinement. All sanitary measures to sanitize your business
  • Hotels and good sanitary practices. Discover all the good sanitary practices in the hotel sector
  • Gymnasiums and public health. Discover all the good health practices in the sports sector
  • Restaurants and good sanitary practices. Discover all the good sanitary practices in the restaurant sector


Citizen solidarity

We decided to support scientific research to contribute to the development of a vaccine against Covid-19. In addition to this, we have decided to honor 4 associations: Samusocial, Sister's house, Infirmiers de Rue and Home Victor Dupré. When you finalize your order, you can make a donation to one of these specific associations to help them in their daily fight against this health crisis.