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We have decided to support Belgian hospitals in order to prevent the current crisis from endangering them and continue research in order to kill the virus.

Masks for Belgium has decided to support the National Fund for Scientific Research, by buying a box, you contribute to the research against COVID-19.

We are also supporting 4 associations in their daily mission during this exceptional health crisis. If you also want to help you can donate a chosen amount when you checkout.

Here are the 4 associations we already helped :

Home Victor Dupré

The Victor Dupré is the oldest women and children’s shelter in Brussels. They welcome women who encounter accommodation difficulties for some reasons (rape, prostitution, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, ….)

They provide a bedroom, a bathroom and a collective kitchen. 

This shelter was founded 130 years ago to welcome homeless woman. Today they also promote reintegration by providing housing and stability. 

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Samusocial offers free emergency help to homeless people in Brussels. Providing accomodation, medical care, psycho-social support and guidance to exit homelessness are their daily tasks. 

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Infirmiers de rue

Infirmiers de rue is a social and medical organization which is convinced that homelessness in Brussels can be banned. They work together toward their goal by taking the most vulnerable homeless people off the street and by mobilizing associations and as many citizens they can. They aspire to find long term solutions to ban homelessness. 

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Sister's House


The Sister’s House works closely with a citizens plateforms and provides housing for women migrants who ran away because they weren’t safe anymore and were ondergoing different types of domination. Their goal is to be able to provide these women with housing, douche and a good meal. 

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Willing to play your part in making a better world? You can donate a chosen amount when finalizing your order. 

“ Little streams make mighty rivers” , think about it!